To start off this Zombie epidemic were going to create on this blog a few guidelines,”Rules to the Zombie Apocalypse”. Now I can already hear half a million people screaming bloody murder about how the there should be no rules and that I should be cast an outsider for claiming so…Sorry but that just isn’t […]

Isn’t that the trend for all blogs? People get one or two posts in then…woosh its over. All the ideas and creative things you WERE going to do with your “free webpage” is over. Now you’ve wasted the infinite space that is the internet and mad a clutter of it….Good thing nobody has to clean […]

Well now that I’ve started my blog I’m going to have to use it. The best way to get into the habit of doing something, is doing it regardless if you want to do it or not, the activity will grow on you if you continue to do it over and over. You’ll learn to […]